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Who says changing the world is impossible?

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Less time searching, more time making a difference.

Finding quality information on innovation or sustainability is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So we’ve done work for you…

Learn from Examples

Tons of innovative Projects are already out there. Why not learn from successes and failures? For a top notch education, we’ve collected insights from MIT, Red Dot, Omidyar, United Nations, ….

Be at the Cutting Edge

We’ve got the latest Technologies and Materials so that you know they exist and how to use them. Too many times have great ideas been shot down because they didn’t think it was possible when it actually was.

Collaborate with the Best

A community of fellow changemakers, experts and like-minded organisations. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole team to turn ideas into real-life innovations. Whether it’s a fresh lead on a new partner or potential investor, we’ve got you covered.

Overcome Stagnation

Tools to get you out of the ditch and moving forward. After analysing hundres of projects, we’ve developed powerful Strategies for innovation. All the rest come straight from the pros: IDEO, Hyper Island, Hasso Plattner Institute and Stanford D.School.

Don’t get us wrong, solving the world’s problems is tough. But neu.is here to help.

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